48 Days Challenge - Day 45, 46, 47 and 48

Yayy luckily I did an All48 rankings in the forums!! XD

45. Team A Ranking
1. Iwasa Misaki
2. Matsubara Natsumi
3. Takahashi Minami
4. Kojima Haruna
5. Shinoda Mariko
6. Kuramochi Asuka
7. Maeda Atsuko
8. Nakagawa Haruka
9. Takajo Aki
10. Maeda Ami
11. Katayama Haruka
12. Nakaya Sayaka
13. Nakata Chisato
14. Ooya Shizuka
15. Oota Aika
16. Sashihara Rino

46. Team K Ranking
1. Oshima Yuko
2. Akimoto Sayaka
3. Umeda Ayaka
4. Matsui Sakiko
5. Yokoyama Yui
6. Fujie Reina
7. Miyazawa Sae
8. Nito Moeno
9. Kikuchi Ayaka
10. Itano Tomomi
11. Nakatsuka Tomomi
12. Uchida Mayumi
13. Tanabe Miku
14. Nonaka Misato
15. Matsui Jurina
16. Minegishi Minami

47. Team B Ranking
1. Masuda Yuka
2. Watanabe Miyuki
3 Watanabe Mayu
4. Natsuki Sato
5. Komori Mika
6. Kasai Tomomi
7. Kashiwagi Yuki
8. Sato Amina
9. Kitahara Rie
10. Miyazaki Miho
11. Kobayashi Kana
12. Chikano Rina
13. Ishida Haruka
14. Suzuki Mariya
15. Sato Sumire
16. Suzuki Shihori

48. Your overall Top48 Ranking
1. Yamamoto Sayaka
2. Fukumoto Aina
3. Oshima Yuko
4. Ogasawara Mayu
5. Matsui Rena
6. Akimoto Sayaka 
7. Masuda Yuka 
8. Kotani Riho 
9. Iwasa Misaki 
10. Takayanagi Akane
11. Furukawa Airi
12. Matsubara Natsumi
13. Takahashi Minami
14. Kojima Haruna
15. Kishino Rika
16. Watanabe Miyuki
17. Kinoshita Haruna
18. Shinoda Mariko
19. Umeda Ayaka
20. Matsui Sakiko
21. Watanabe Mayu
22. Murakami Ayaka
23. Yagura Fuuko 
24. Yamaguchi Yuuki 
25. Shimada Rena 
26. Yogi Keira
27. Yamada Nana
28. Natsuki Sato 
29. Komori Mika 
30. Kuramochi Asuka
31. Kasai Tomomi
32. Yokoyama Yui
33. Shiroma Miru
34. Yagami Kumi
35. Sato Mieko
36. Shimazaki Haruka
37. Jonishi Kei
38. Fujie Reina
39. Miyazawa Sae
40. Nito Moeno
41. Kikuchi Ayaka
42. Takano Yui
43. Tanigawa Airi
44. Jo Eriko
45. Kawaei Rina
46. Maeda Atsuko
47. Ichikawa Miori 
48. Itano Tomomi

Team A - 7, Team K - 10, Team B - 5Team 4 - 3, Team S - 2, Team KII - 3, Team N - 11, Team M - 7

48 Days Challenge - Day 44

44. What do you think is the best in the fandom? And do you think there is any bad sides in it?
In the 48fandom, The other fans can be really supportive, and I'm really thankful for that!! There's also many fans I can talk crap with, be delusional with and just talk all the nonsense in the world. It really puts me at ease :)

Yeahh when some of the older fans begin acting all elitist on you. That and with the newer fans...some who simply don't think before they say anything. Oh and fandom wars...It sure happens in every fandom though. Every fandom has its good and bad...But I'm gonna say for sure I feel a lot more comfortable in this fandom as compared to my previous AAA fandom. Things there just has gone so messed up.

48 Days Challenge - Day 42 and 43

42. What would you want to say to your oshimen?
Well I just want to continue giving her words of support and maybe, "Can we be friends?" or "Remember me? The fan from Malaysia?"
Heheh! Since we're both girls and we are the same age xD
And since I've met her once before.

43. Have you met the members or been to a concert? How was it?
Yess!! I went for AKB48 2nd Stage in Singapore and NMB48's 1st Stage in Singapore as well!!
Well for AKB it was mixed team, and for NMB, it was Team N.
Both the experiences were really amazing!! I had a lot of fun!! Not only did I go for concert, I got to handshake with the girls after the concert too ;)
I got to share some of my love to the girls as well as spam my country (Malaysia). LOL.

48 Days Challenge - Day 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38

34. What kind of a fan do you think you are?
I may not necessarily be a long term 48fan...but as long as I am a fan, I am very dedicated as I am with NMB48.
If I really take interest in one of the girls, I would really want to follow her in her future at graduating as well.

35. Your 48Collection
Let's see...
AKB48 - Koko ni Ita Koto CD Album, Kaze wa Fuiteru single, Ue Kara Mariko single, AKB48 2nd Stage Singapore Shirt, AKB48 2nd Stage Singapore Hirajima Natsumi Birthday Shirt :(
DiVA - Tsuki no Uragawa single
Iwasa Misaki - Mujineki single
NMB48 - Oh My God! single, Challenge48 DVD, Junjou U-19 single, NMB48 1st Anniversary Live Concert DVD, NMB48 2012 Weekly Calendar, Nagiichi single,  NMB48 Team N 1st Stage Singapore Shirt, NMB48 wrist band
SDN48 - Makeoshimi Congratulations single

36. A song that makes you cry.
I haven't cried at any song before but I always almost feel like crying whenever I watch songs like Sasae and Sougen no Kiseki live on YT. Original Team K ftw!

37. A song that cheers you up.
For now, the best song is NMB48 Akagumi's Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan nara!!
It makes me feel so warm and fluffy inside!!

38. A song that you dislike and why
SKE48 Shirogumi's Hanikami Lollipop
The combination of that song, the colour schemes and that dang...too darn cutesy!! It's so pinku...
I really feel like I could vomit rainbows. It's too much for me :X

48 Days Challenge - Day 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33

29. Favorite single release? A single that left you impression as whole.
Good favourite single release up to date is probably NMB48's Nagiichi!! Not really cause of the A-side, but I love all the songs in the single. The B-sides especially Saigo no Catharsis and Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan nara are particularly good!! ^_^
If it's the single/ A-side that left the biggest impression on's NMB's Junjou U-19. I mean TETSU NO PANTSU XD

30. Favorite album/stage album release?
K3! It is my favourite stage after all!

31. Favorite 48 related variety TV show?
Naniwa Nadeshiko and Star Hime Sagashi Tarou were the best ever but they don't show anymore :(

32. Favorite 48 related drama?
Majisuka Gakuen (Mostly for Yuko and Gekikara. heck yeahh)
Oh does Yuko in Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu count?? Cause I really enjoyed that XD

33. Your favorite PV?
I'm really NMB Kurokami Shoujo. I loved the traditional elements in that PV and the transitions :)

48 Days Challenge - Day 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28

24. First stage you watched and your current favorite stage?
AKB48 Team K 4th Stage: Saishuu Bell ga Naru is the first stage I watched ^_^
AKB48 Team K 3rd Stage: Nounai Paradise is my current favourite stage.
Love all the songs and the spirit of Original Team K!! ^_^

25. Favorite stage unit?
N2 - Blue Rose (Yamamoto Sayaka, Ogasawara Mayu, Kishino Rika, Fukumoto Aina)
Although lots of people may favour the original version with Akimoto Sayaka, Masuda Yuka, Ohori Megumi and Miyazawa Sae cause well the power vocals of Sayaka x Yuttan I admit is a lot stronger than Sayanee x Maachun. However in Team N's version, I felt all 4 girls had vocals that could blend in a lot better as compared to the original. This also happens to be my 4 favourite vocals in Team N...and Rikanyan x Ainyan especially have vocals that complement each other well. When they sing in unison, everyone sounds good too...and of course my weakness for Sayanee...she's sooo kakkoi in Blue Rose. My decision for this was also affected probably cause I got to see this being performed live in Singapore. haha.

26. Favorite live performance of a song?
Oh My God! - NMB48
After seeing the girls perform this in Singapore, I really really love it LIVE!! It's just amazing...the atmosphere, the energy and the cute choreography...This song really grows on you...especially after you've seen it being performed live, you'll love it!! It really makes you hyped up for more and more.

27. Favorite concert?
NMB48 1st Anniversary Special Live
Yess I really do love NMB, and I thought this concert was really great!! Some of the shuffles were a little =X
But mostly, it was a really good effort by the girls...I wish I could go to such a concert one day live!

28. Favorite photobook release?
I haven't really seen much...but probably Oshima Yuko's PB?
It looked pretty good and had some variety :3
If Yamamoto Sayaka ever releases a PB, the answer for this will probably be her :P

48 Days Challenge - Day 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23

18. Favorite No Sleeves’ song?
Kuchibiru Furezu
I like them badass XD

19. Favorite Watarirouka Hashiritai’s song?
Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke!
Omaiga this song is gonna be released like a month from now, but it's just all kinds of amazing.
II was never really fond of WH but this...this is the first song I love by them!!
It must be CinDy!! Suddenly she comes, and WH gets an amazing song lol.

20. Favorite French Kiss’ song?
Sekai no Namida
It's a B-side...but I love it!! Great meaning behind the song too. Love the lyrics!!

21. Favorite DiVA’s song?
Lols I just love this song.
It's catchy and the girls sound great XD

22. Favorite Not yet’s song?
Pera Pera Perao
This song is just too cute and bubbly!

23. Favorite sub-unit song overall?
Tough choice...but...either
Pera Pera Perao or Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke!


48 Days Challenge - Day 15, 16 and 17

Haha I won't need elaborations in this one since some of this is kinda a repetition of the previous post since I listed out my favourite A-sides, B-sides, album songs and stage this will just show out of my earlier picks...which are my ultimate faves. ahha.

15. Favorite AKB48’s song?
Sougen no Kiseki (K3)

16. Favorite SKE48’s song?
Mangekyou (S3)

17. Favorite NMB48’s song?
Mikazuki no Senaka

48 Days Challenge - Day 12, 13 and 14

Lols I'm horrible at doing this XD For each question here, I'll do one each for AKB48, SKE48, SDN48 and NMB48 respectively xD

12. Favorite a-side from a single?
(a) AKB48 - Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?
Campfire song!! That's the feel I get from this song!! <3
Being a sucker for reminiscent, heartwarming songs, this song slowly made its way up my favourite song list. lol.
Classic AKB really 8D

(b) SKE48 - Banzai Venus
Ironically, I did not like this song when I first got into the 48Family. But now I am absolutely loving it. I don;t know but when I think of Nagoya, this is the first song that comes to mind. haha. maybe cause of the PV where they dance with the crowd on the streets. Haha it's pretty cool!! Energy of this is great too and if there's one song that I feel represents SKE48 best, it's this song xD

(c) SDN48 - Makeoshimi Congratulations
Yes yes, SDN's graduation song :(
So I know this song is completely different from their usual style, but tbh, I am normally not a huge fan of SDN single A-sides maybe except for their very last 2 singles.
And this song just has that beautiful bittersweet touch which I love and it's sang with some real nice, strong, powerful voices too. The song really is beautiful and meaningful. Really pulled off the reminiscent sweet feel really well with flawless vocals. I couldn't ask for more xD

(d) NMB48 - Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
NMB48's debut song is still their most powerful A-side imo up-to-date. I mean I have loved every NMB A-side so far, and they all have their special standout point but this single was what started off NMB with a bang, showing they're here to stay. I think this song spoke very well of NMB's identity and background (no not as extinct black-haired girls) but it demonstrated the deep, strong heritage rooted in Namba, Osaka, where they are based or even the Kansai region which is rich in history and culture. This song presented those aspects really well and this song is bound to be a NMB trademark for awhile ;)

13. Favorite b-side from a single?
(a) AKB48 - Hikoukigumo
So this song is also from a stage, but it's also a B-side for RIVER.  I really began loving this song too when I got to watch it being performed live when I went for an AKB stage in Singapore. Seriously, there's no better way to end a concert with a song like this!! Now whenever I hear this song, first I'll remember my sweet memories from that particular AKB stage as well as recall all the bittersweet moments in my life. I love songs that evoke that kind of feeling XD

(b) SKE48 - Kamoku no Tsuki (Selection 8)
This song kinda reminds me of Yuuhi, but I do feel it has its own value. The sort of song I would want to listen to after a longgg day. The sort of song that would relax me and put a smile on my face. Yes, I think you might have noticed what kinda songs I have a weakness for XD

(c) SDN48 - Owaranai Encore
Yess from the graduation single agaiin XD
I have a terrible weakness for sentimental stuff, so this got me immediately.
It's such a sweet goodbye song, I cannot help but love it seriously <3

(d) NMB48 - Mikazuki no Senaka
This song is really inspirational, the lyrics lol. Not only that, I think the melody is very uplifting and encouraging too.
And especially after watching the girls perform this at their 1st anniversary, their passion and love to be on stage could just be felt so strongly. It really increased my appreciation for this song. I really expect this to be a sweet, heartwarming song for the girls in NMB48 to sing in years to come as a step to their future even when they're gonna graduate. I don't know...this song just means so much to me, really <3

14. Favorite stage and/or album song?
Favourite AKB48 album song - Shoujotachi yo
Similar to Mikazuki, this is also a very uplifting tune, something the girls sing to remind them to go all out in achieving their dreams. I just really like the meaning behind the song...I believe God has a plan for everyone, and perhaps, things may seem bleak now, but it's something you yourself have to really believe in. As the song says, do your best and just believe. That's all you can do for now. I am sure everyone can reach their dreams one day if they stay persistent. Sometimes there's not just one way to achieve a dream. It's important to consider all the possibilities too. I feel motivated from listening to this song! ;)

Favourite stage songs
(a) AKB48
(i) AKB48 Team A - Rider (A3)

I love this songgg so muchh!! Seriously, I think Team N performing it revived my love for this song even more especially with Ainyan's smile. But apart from that, I love how much meaning this song carries. It's such a bittersweet song dedicated to an oldtime AKB fan from the early days who had passed on...It's really nice they dedicated a song to him that way. This song totally wins for Team A. Original Team A's best song imo.

(ii) AKB48 Team K - Sougen no Kiseki (K3)
Like some Ori Team K members have said themselves, Sougen no Kiseki has a very K-like feeling. Original Team K were the best AKB team for me because of the bond they shared, the moments they went through...their friendship is just so real, so genunine, so beautiful!! Everytime I see them reunite and perform this song, I feel so moved!! Again, I love sentimental songs sooo much!! <3

(iii) AKB48 Team B - Futari Nori no Jitensha (B3)
It was actually quite hard for me to pick a Team B appears I like more Team B songs than I thought ahha. But I picked this in the end because I liked the guitar in it. And it had a nice bittersweet feel too. I think the elements of the song just really worked for me. Haha.Especially the guitar, it was soo boss!!

And yeahh from the AKB list, I do really think the best AKB songs came from the Original teams. XD
I really must have something for the number 3 xD

(b) SKE48
(i) SKE48 Team S - Mangekyou (S3)
This song is beautiful, just simply beautiful!! <3
It's so sad that 2/5 of these girls, Haruka and Yuimin have left SKE =(
But this song is soooo sooo goood!! The vocals are great, the melody is really nice to my ears, it's actually one of my favourite 48songs now. This is not only my favourite S's my favourite SKE song tbh. I like it that much lol.

(ii) SKE48 Team KII - 16 Shoku no Yume Crayon (KII3)
I know lots of people compared this to Wasshoi B...I lvoe wasshoi B too but honestly, I think this song worked even better in showing off the KII girls' individuality. I really got this feeling of despite how different they are, they can go out there and produce something amazing. That's what Team KII is about for me. And I thought this song demonstrated it so well especially through lives. Just such a fun team song, it'll be great if N got a song like this for N3 too...but then it'll get repetitive I guess maybe not? haha. But yeahh this song is great :3

(c) SDN48 - Yuuwaku no Garter (SDN 1)
This song is just hottt!!! The song has great vocals and the performance is just stunning!! Also the stage name for SDN 1. My SDN oshi, Kato Mami, who is the middle girl here...I grew to love her from this song. Just a fierce, sexy, alluring song...especially in lives, executed in perfection by Mamitan, Yukarin and Akita Kazue. ;)

(d) NMB48 Team N - Bird (N1/A3)
Team N at this point doesn't have an original stage yet, but N3 is gonna start staging soon...but for now...this Bird rendition led by my oshi, Yamamoto Sayaka, deserves a special mention. I mean this song was always just okay for me...until I heard Sayanee belt out her vocals in it. Sayanee never ceases to amaze me with what she can do with a song with her superb vocal control. So crisp, so clear and the song was like it was made for her! O.O
Sorry Takamina but you got outsang XD
Ohh and Rikanyan's great in this too!!! Definitely giving her props for that too :P