June 23rd, 2013


NMB48 x AAA Takoyaki Special

Just gonna post these screenshot pictures so I can just sit down, and look at it and KYAAA <3

Nissy, Hidaka, Misako, Sayanee awws
Somehow Sayanee was interested in what Hidaka, Misako and Nissy were doing from the start. hehe <3

AAA x NMB takoyaki 1
SayaMilkyShu watching the takoyaki amateurs AAA. I love NMB's cute smiles <3

AAA x NMB takoyaki 3
Hidaka looking over to the NMB girls and asking for guidance lol.
Shu was getting overexcited and pointing at the overspill haha.
Shu seemed pretty interested in what AAA was doing the whole time too.
During the segment, she kept peeping on them :P

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