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The top 10 songs at NMB48 Request Hour Top 30!!
Snippets from a news site.

Recently, NMB48 had their Request Hour, and Kesshou ranked no. 1!!!
It was a fan effort where lots of people voted for it for Fukumoto Aina/Ainyan as she had mentioned in the past that it was her favourite NMB song.
And during the song and after, it was just full of the audience yelling out her name.
Man I can't wait to see this in full on DVD.

As some of you may know, Ainyan will be graduating from NMB in June...
She's my 2nd favourite member in NMB48, so I'll be really sad to see her go.
This was like a special gift to her from the fans so that she'll have a great and memorable last few months of NMB.

As both a Sayanee and Ainyan oshi (more for Ainyan in this matter), thank you everyone so much for making this a reality.
This is really the crystal of love <3

Even I, just by reading tweets, was really touched!
Thank you to everyone who contributed. Omg.

All my oshis feeelssss!!! Sayanee hugging Ainyan!!! Uwahh
Maachun consoling her too. Awws.

Then Ainyan's best friend, Rikanyan, patting her on the head.

By the way, Kesshou itself is one of my favourite NMB songs, and I'm really glad it got no. 1 anyway, together with this Ainyan boost!

Sorry, just had so many feels today about this.

Congratulations Ainyan!!
I'm glad all the fans are so supportive, and thoughtful in wanting to make your day.

The moment when it happened was so surreal.

Just thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Here's the original full PV to the song btw.
(The bunny is still creepy, but it's an amazing song! <3)

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