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My Top 30 Favourite Kpop Songs!

Since I did this for 2 groups I love a lot, AAA and NMB48, I decided to do one for Kpop since I do enjoy some songs even if it isn't that many!
And to avoid my huge Block B/INFINITE bias, I've only used songs that have MVs.
(Well apart from one particular INFINITE song I love too has an official concert MV though!)

So anyway, here I go!

30. OK - B1A4

Hmms, I'm a sucker for catchy pop songs, so this was win from the start.
I like the melody too. It's also still the only B1A4 song I dig so lol.

29. Shock - BEAST

Again, I dig songs for melody over everything else (generally).
This song had a good melody line and for Kpop, it's really about the catchiness isn't it? haha.
This is my favourite BEAST song as well.

28. That Man Opposed - Dalmatian

So this song just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. haha.
To me, I think it's main appeal is really how simple and sweet the whole song just is haha.

27. Hello & Goodbye - MYNAME

This song kinda feels more R&B? haha kinda.
Not my no. 1 favourite style of song, but I found this rather catchy and a good listen, so XD

26. Nothing's Over - INFINITE

INFINITE to me has some of the best Kpop songs!
But then again it's cause their style kinda suits my taste the most.
I really like poppy stuff in general.
Hmm Nothing's Over just feels like a really relaxed, carefree song that'll listen to just to chill.
I just like the sort of feel that comes along with the song XD

25. Mirotic - DBSK

I'm personally not a big fan of dbsk's music style in general.
Again, I'm probably a minority in this area. I've seen how many fans they have.
But I've just never got it.
However, I really cannot deny what a catchy song Mirotic is. And it sounds very sexy and looks very sexy too. haha.
Well particularly Yunho and Jaejoong.
I never felt attracted to the others much. Just not my taste so orz. lol

24. No Other - Super Junior

Basically one of the only Suju songs I found myself really liking.
I really like feel-good songs, so I found this really good!
Sweet song. :3

23. Mr TAXI - SNSD

Why do I like this song?
Good question, I have no idea XD
And I had to use a concert live, cause I way prefer the Korean version compared to the Japanese version (which has a PV) lol.
I don't know I didn't love it at first, but it really grew on me.

22. NalinA - Block B

Lols Block B, one of main Kpop biases, and they make me wonder whether I actually like hiphop.
I don't know just something about their stuff is not just catchy for me, but also enjoyable.
Stuff that I feel I could reloop forever.
Also, the lyrics for this song at first glance sounds full of themselves.
But it's somewhat acceptable and even makes sense.
I actually quite like it. Their leader Zico wrote the lyrics for this song. haha.
Also, so much eye candy to go around! especially Jaehyo and BBomb (just saying) XD
Well don't even get me started on them cause I love them so much now that I find everyone attractive in their own way so lol.

21. Message - MYNAME

To be honest, when I first heard the start of this song, I thought it was a SHINee Ring Ding Dong rip-off.
And I wasn't impressed. haha.
However, as the song went on, I really enjoyed the melody line and arrangement of the song especially at the chorus.
It's tonnes better than ring ding dong too imo so haha.

20. Superstar - Supernova

This song kinda has sentimental feels for me. Cause when I first heard it, I think in 2010, I barely knew anything about Kpop.
(I don't know a lot now but back then I didn't listen to any Kpop at all)
And this was one of my first Kpop songs which made me think, oh Kpop is not all that bad.
Especially if they actually had some kinda melody line unlike stuff like Sorry Sorry, BonamanA  or Mr Simple(sorry for being a Suju hater but their stuff just don't sound like they have much of a melody and it's crazy repetitive too. every release sounds like the one before).
And songs with no melody line irritates me to the max.
Cause I like songs to actually have a distinct tune.
But yeahh anyway, this song fit that criteria for me so here it is! haha.

19. The Boys - SNSD

I felt this song was just full of attitude and sass (lol) and I like it.
For some reason, I find it super catchy too. I acquired a taste for SNSD kinda later on too but yeah I quite enjoy their songs.
Melody wise and catchiness wise, I personally think they have it all in that area.

18. Before The Dawn - INFINITE

A definite INFINITE classic.
The song has a very backstreet boys feel to it tbh, but I love BSB anyway so it's all good.
Melody wise, the song is perfect imo.
This song is the very epitome of boyband, and it's also part of why I love it so much. I
If that even makes sense haha.

17. Intuition - CNBlue

Songwise, this is very catchy.
Somehow it's feel good too. haha.
It has a very nice, cool vibe to it too which I enjoy very much.

16. Man In Love - INFINITE

Yess yess, I'm INFINITE biased. if that wasn't already established :P
I just think it's such a cute, bubblegum pop song.
That accompanied with INFINITE's sleek and cool dancing; there's really no way for me not to love it XD
Sorry I'm a sucker for songs like this. Lyrics are super cute too.
And everyone's smilesss. especially L, Sungyeol, Woohyun...I love all of them...but...MAN I'M DEAD.
Another song that makes me feel super warm and fuzzy inside.

15. Nilili Mambo - Block B

This is actually Block B's newest single, but it was the first song I heard from them.
And like I know the MV is kinda weird and I was wondering if I'll like it...
But I love it!!!
Musically, I always found Block B to have a very interesting, distinct style compared to the other rookies.
It's like hip hop and swag. Great rap, great singing, what's not to love?
And as they said, this song is groovy, groovy. haha.

14. Haru Haru - Big Bang

Some Big Bang songs are all right like Monster, Bad Boy, Gara Gara Go etc but none of them can compare to Haru Haru imo.
It's also the song that I definitely have to rank.
The piano accompaniment in the song.
The rap, the singing, the arrangement is beautiful.
A really touching song, and to me, this is the best they've ever done XD

13. That's My Fault - SPEED ft Davichi

Yet another sad song with great arrangement, vocals and rap.
I think in a song, it's important to feel the emotions within it for both singing and rapping.
Davichi's vocals as expected is top class.
The guys' rap too goes in really well. Amazing work. I love it!

12. It's Over - SPEED

I love how this song starts with the female vocals! And also in the middle of the song.
I really like this melody wise too and it feels somewhat...retro? I don't know the right word for it but it does sound really old school and I just love it haha.
And the rest of the song is just somehow so addictive.

11. TTL(Time To Love) - Supernova & T-ara

This is...potentially the first Kpop song I ever liked!! I think it was?
So yeahh it's definitely an all time classic. One thing is I always loved the mix of male and female vocals.
Well it was more of a mix of male and female rap and female vocals. But yeahh still good!
And this song just has such a pretty melody, and both groups are just really working it.
Definitely one of the best Kpop songs out there till today. Really XD

10. Paradise - INFINITE

Wowww this song is just crazy amazing.
Everything from vocals, melody, arrangement. There's nothing I don't love about this song.
I think it has a pretty unique sound to it too. I love it <3

9. I My Me Mine - 4Minute

Wowww this too was one of my early Kpop songs I got to know. And I really loved this.
Having a nice melody is one thing but having the awesome hook quality is another. I mean with Kpop songs, some have just the hook quality, and some have just the nice melody.
But the combination of both makes it a great song, and this definitely qualifies for it!

8. Illa illa - JUNIEL

In the Kpop world, JUNIEL is one of my absolute loves.
I love acoustic guitars in songs!! Really!! And the fact she plays it in every song so far lol.
This song has really beautiful lyrics too. She's a singer-songwriter, and she wrote the lyrics for this as well.
And as an aspiring lyricist, I really have my eye out for lyrics.
Most Kpop songs to me don't have very impressive lyrics, but there was something about this one that stuck out.
How it was so relatable, talking about young love.
Melody check, vocals check, lyrics check. A very meaningful and thoughtful song imo. Just beautiful.

7. Babo - JUNIEL feat Yonghwa

So yeahhh I have a really really really terrible weakness for acoustic songs.
That's why this one definitely ranked high. I think their voices sound good together too. Blends well.
A very chill, relaxing song just like how my acoustic songs should be hehe. It sounds kinda Jason Mrazy which I kinda like too lol.

6. Heart to Heart - 4Minute

My favourite 4Minute song!!!
Just like I My Me Mine, it has both a lovely melody and is also catchy.
And I think I like it cause it kinda has an earnest feel behind it.
I mean, let's have a heart to heart? ahha.
Really awesome song, I almost forgot how much i loved it XD

5. Nappeun Saram [Bad Man] - JUNIEL

JUNIEL can do no wrong. Seriously, I have loved all her Korean releases so far.
All the songs she has released so far, these singles as well as the other songs on albums are all good stuff!
Again musically, the piece is beautiful imo. I really like her voice and how well the arrangement goes with it.
Superb song. That's all I have to say XD

4. Way To Go - SNSD

You know how I love my pop songs. This song is just the very epitome of the type of songs I love.
And what adds to it I have to say is the MV itself. It was really nice watching the girls just fooling about and being dorks.
I mean since most of their stuff promotes sexy, cool and fierce. I generally prefer this kinda side really cause it's fun and cute.
The song itself is catchy and I don't know just full of win haha. Sorry I'm apparently not great at giving descriptions.
Ohh this was also the first SNSD song I got to like and now love! haha.
But just FYI, my favs in SNSD in case u wanted to know...well it's Sooyoung lol.

3. Cover Girl - INFINITE

So this is the particular INFINITE song I was talking about that doesn't have a MV.
But it has a live MV. haha.
Okayy so I could not NOT include this song cause I love it to the core.
I mean the video itself is great, the way the boys interacted with their audience was incredible.
But the song just give me so many feels.
It has a really sweet, sentimental feel <3

Such a fun cute song too.

2. I Am The Best - 2NE1

Okay it's just crazy catchy and I can sing along to it and I don't know I just love it. Do I need a reason?
I just love it cause everytime I listen to it, I feel so swag, and I love that. Is that enough? hahaha.

This is my favourite 2NE1 song but other mentionworthy songs by them are Lonely, Can't Nobody, I Don't Care and Go Away.
All pretty good songs but I figured I liked all these songs here compared to those so lol.

1. Tell Them - Block B

Right, have I mentioned how I loveeeee feel-good songs? This is one of the best feel-good songs I've ever encountered!! Really.
From the lyrics (written by their leader Zico) to the feel of the whole song, their smiles, everything surrounding the song is just perfect.
Again, if a song impresses my lyrics wise, it's bound to go pretty high in my love list, and in this case, it's no. 1.
It's very different from Block B's hip hop style, and it's more pop-boyband but I like that they are willing to try different styles and be very experimental.
So yeah this song just wins for me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! haha.

Okay right, I am done!
Hope you've enjoyed this post. And I'm still not that familiar with Kpop...
So based on what you see from my preferences, if there's anything you've think I've missed out and might like, please feel free to leave recommendations!

Man that was tiring XD
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