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My Top 40 NMB48 Songs

Recently, I made a post for my favourite AAA songs.

So to be fair to my current fandom, I suppose I'll have to make a similar one for them too.

As the title suggests, they are none other than NMB48.

NMB48 family whacky

This is probably one of the only photos there are of the whole NMB family up to date. They are an idol group, so up to date until today, they have 4 generation of girls. But yeahh I love them cause they're just so funny and whacky as the picture suggests XD

NMB48 Team N XD
And yeahh that's a group picture of beloved Team N, my favourite team in NMB48 as well. They're just such a great bunch of girls, I love them so much.

Anyway let's get cracking!!

To start thing up, watch this:

It's NMB48's acapella version of their debut single Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo which some of their top girls performed to all their fans' surprise in one of their MCs. What impressed me really was that they had only practised to do this over 2 days. (with their busy schedules and all)
And they did so well!! I'm so proud of them <3
Really really nice blend and harmony :)

Anyway, back to top 40 NMB48 songs!
Top 25 complete with either vids or links to listen to them!

I Like Them Enough To Be Ranked, Not Sure If I Would Recommend Though
40. Renai no Speed
39. Fuyushougun no Regret
38. Hatsukoi no Yukue to Play Ball
37. Sonzai Shitenai Mono
36. Mattemashita, Shin Gakki
35. Boku wa Matteru
34. With my soul (Team M)
33. Rifujin Ball
32. Renai Higaitodoke
31. Boku ga Maketa Natsu

These Are Quite Good, And Some Quite Unique, Would Recommend
30. Nemuku naru made hitsuji wa dete konai
29. In Goal
28. Baatari GO
27. Doryoku no Shizuku
26. Hoshokusha tachi yo

Definitely Recommend, Great Songs To Listen To
25. Almond Croissant Keikaku (Team BII)
(This is a new song from the album, so all I can share is a DL link id you're interested.)

24. Nagiichi

Video here:
Perfect beach summer song xD
Nagisa de ichiban kawaii girl (The beach's cutest girl)
They are indeed :P

23. Virginity

22. Namekuji Heart
namekuji heart
(This is a new song too, but they performed it in theater, so there's a perf)

21. Mousou Girlfriend

This song is complete fan service. lol the cat outfits.
But it is catchy as heck?! And should be super fun to sing in karaoke haha.

20.Nandeyanen Idol!
At first, I wasn't so into this song.
But omg now I am. It's soo funny, even if it's mostly talking...and it's so rich in the Kansai-ben!
If you don't understand Japanese, might be a good idea to refer to the lyrics here to fully appreciate it!

19. Migi e Magare

18. Saigo no Catharsis
Their dance in this is so neat and coordinated!!
Oh my goshh their robot/android dance!!! <3
The girls look super hot as androids too. flawless beings.

17. HA!

PV Link:
(Oh and if you think it looks like a movie's cause it is...the full version was released in one of their albums recently ahha.
And just so you know, the song only starts after 5 minutes ahha)

16. Bokura no Regatta
It's a really nice song with a Victorian feel, both the song and PV.
I guess that's why they had Caucasian men in this PV haha.

These Are Pretty Darn Good!!! You Must Check These Out
15. 12月31日 (Junigatsu sanjuichinichi)
This video link has subs as well!
Being a NMB fan since their 1st single debut in 2011, seeing them in this song somehow makes me so proud of them.
They've come such a long way. Being scrutinised by the media throughout their entire time as members, they were put under a lot of stress and the expectations thrusted upon them was insane. It's their goal to be able to appear on Kouhaku Uta Gassen this year, so once again, will be rooting for them!! It's a really nice sentimental song too which holds a lot of meaning for the members :)

14. Teppen Tottande!
(Again new song from the album, so DL link xD)
This song is really really catchy and gotta love the Kansai ben! haha.

13. Warukii
Watanabe Miyuki's solo song.
Or she's fondly known as Milky. Lol this song lyrics is a must-check-out!
It's about muscles ahhaha. Quite a cute, fun song.
And about Milky, I really like her. I think she's very endearing, and look at her smiley eyes! O.O

12. Seishun no Laptime

About this song, it isn't NMB48's first single, but it is actually their first original song.
So it has a lot of sentiments behind it for both the girls and the fans as well.
It is a great song that's super genki (energetic and such). ^_^
They really have great energy!!

11. Boku ga mou Sukoshi Daitan nara
Do you know how there's sometimes some songs that can give you warm and fuzzy feelings inside?
This song is like that for me.
It's cute but not overly cutesy. It's just the right balance.
And the PV is great for this. The colour schemes go well with the whole thing. Comedic stuff too hehe.
It somehow gives a warm feeling to my heart.

Forever and Forever Relooped - My Favourite Jams - Amazing Stuff
10. Jungle Gym
Right, so this is the solo song of my main bias at the moment, Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee).
Well, to be very honest, with the CD recording of this song, I do really like it but I don't think it would have made top 10 favourite songs.
The original arrangement is different from the live performance.
For the live, she performed with the acoustic guitar. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT so much.
It's just such a raw live performance. One girl with just her voice and her guitar.
She's my age, and I love and respect her so much omg. Sasuga Captain.
She was a lil shaky at first, but she got better as she went on. I'm totally in love with her voice too.
Such a pretty, soothing quality. My favourite female vocals atm btw. Whether or not you care about NMB48...

9. Uso no Tenbin
Uwahh Sayanee's starting lines in this song...her voice!! kyaa
This song is fierce. Sayanee too. wayy too hot and kakkoi!! Meloves <3

8. Junjou U-19
Woww this song totally wins in both song and PV!!
It's a very interesting song...ermm tetsu no pantsu? :P
For the PV, there's just so many interesting things going on hahah.
And this song, Sayanee's so HBIC haha.
The dance in this song is probably one of my favourites from NMB too!! It looks really polished and neat :)

7. Oh My God!

This is honestly just gonna be one of NMB's classic singles.
The dance is just super kawaii, and even the lyrics are really nice and cute.
Oh goshh it's sooo cute. seriously. So much love.
Initially, when this first came out in 2011 as NMB's 2nd single, I was just all right with it.
But the more perfs I saw of it, the more I loved it cause their energy is really one of their strongest points.
Then I decided it was one of NMB's most amazing songs ever after experiencing them performing this song in Singapore where I went to watch them XD
My favourite move is still the finger pointing part though haha.
I actually can't do that. my hand-eye coordination sucks...I just end up looking retarded :P
Oh NMB's comedic element in this PV is the falling pyramid XD

6. Hoshizora no Caravan

Subbed PV!!:
This song is just the sorta song you want to listen to in the winter.
It gives a really warm, sentimental feeling.
Lyrics for this song are amazing too!! Sounds really magical, and pretty lol.
The PV is very heartwarming too! Simple message, but strangely, it has been so relevant to me.
Maachun (the girl in that gif) acted so well!! I really felt her emotions strongly...
She is known to be NMB's best comedian but I think she can go even further than that...she seriously has acting chops imo!
Recently my dog too...suddenly died. And just watching this really lightened my spirits. Cause just like the people portrayed in this PV, I also had friends who helped me to really smile through my tears and be strong again. <3
Also that's such a cool house to find in the middle of a forest! XD

5. Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
I don't think there could be any song/PV that yells out NMB48's identity more than this song.
It's a very unique song, the song itself as well as the dance lol.
And all the cultural aspects they included in it is very true of Osaka or even the Kansai region where they're all from that is rich in history and culture.
It's a really good listen indeed. And this was NMB's debut single back in July 2011, so i felt they really hit it off with a bang!
This is the song (from up in the post) in which they performed an acapella for as well!

4. Kesshou
Okay, so the rabbit dude in this pv is kinda weird.
But heck, this song is sooo good!! I first heard it in 2011, as it was a B-side to Oh My God!
But goshh, still love it so much today!!
It's such a feel-good song, and the melody and harmony of this song is so beautiful.
It's such a lovely song. Uwahhh <3

3. Mikazuki no Senaka
Hahah yeah I have a thing for songs that evoke sentimental feelings, one about hopes and dreams.
And just watching them perform this song, the feeling is really really nice.
They're just out there on stage, giving it their all and chasing their dreams. I like that feeling.
The sound of the song gives off that feel too! :)

2. Dazai Osamu wo Yonda ka?
This is another of the songs from the new there's a DL.
Please try to listen to it!!
I love it sooo muchh!! The acoustics in the song are so pretty. And it just gives off such a good feeling/vibe.
Oh and I had to put in a picture cause it'll be strange if my no. 2 song was left empty like that.
But this song was sang by these three girls.
But Sayanee is in both pictures...cause she started the song, and ended it. Was the lead vocals basically.
The other 2 girls are Yui and Nana respectively.
I have been relooping this song for I dunno how many times now and I still haven't gotten sick of it.
Again has a kinda sentimental feel, but it's the sorta song I think I can relate to any point of time, or can listen to for any kind of mood! :D

1. Kitagawa Kenji

Ok here's a random live of my no. 1 song, Kitagawa Kenji!!
What's great about this song is that it's a complete joke ahahha.
Kitagawa Kenji is the name of one of the 48staff, and I guess their boss wrote this lyrics for them just to poke fun really.
I guess it was convenient to use NMB with their comedic background and such. Everything about this song is over the top.
I mean even from those outfits you can tell :P
But the song is really good!! Awesome melody, catchy tune, and just a fun song overall that people can easily both sing and dance to.
Depending on the live, maybe not this one, but this is the song where NMB just go super mad and hyper when they perform. It's the sorta song where you can be just yaknow party and be spontaneous!!
I've been hooked to this song since its release towards the end of last year, and I'm still loving it soo much now!! My favourite NMB48 song, definitely!!
Also, do check out the full song here!! That's the pv, trust me it's worth checking out. It's rather funny stuff in this PV.

Anyway, just to end the post...
nmb top 5 teeth
If there's any few members that you definitely have to know from NMB, it's this 5.
They're none other than NMB's Top 5 and no, they don't take proper photos :P

Yess this is very proper lol.
nmb48 top 5 cuties
Top left to right: Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun), Yamada Nana (Nana), Fukumoto Aina (Ainyan)
Bottom left to right: Watanabe Miyuki (Milky), Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee)

These 5 are all 1st gen members of NMB48 (They all joined in 2010), and this 5 are NMB's original prominent members.
They are who I would call the core members of the group...however...
I am a tad sad because one of them, Fukumoto Aina or Ainyan has recently announced her graduation from the group, and she's set to leave the group in June 2013. She's 20 this year, and she's aiming to be a full time variety talent. In the end of 2012, she took part in the Osaka Marathon where she finished 42 km in like 4 hours.
That's the article about it. I really admire her so much and can only wish her the best in the future.
To me, she has always been of the friendliest and nicest members of NMB48. I was blessed enough to have a personal experience with her and the rest of NMB who came down to Singapore for a concert in December 2011. She really gave me an unforgettable experience after the concert. I don't want to repeat myself, so more on that here.

Perhaps I should make an Ainyan dedication post. She is my 2nd favourite member of the group after all :(
Hmms maybe closer to the time she is gonna leave. yeahh 8D

If you did read and check this out, thank you!! It was a lot XD

Love spazzy fangirl,
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