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Sueyoshi Shuta x Yamamoto Sayaka
Shuta hatSayanee bb short hair

Sueyoshi Shuta x Yamamoto Sayaka

My new favourite pairing. WHYY? Oh goshhh too many reasons *shot*
I know I used to ship Shuta with Takamina(AKB48) but goshh this is even better,
AAA x NMB48 lolol.

I would totally write a fic for this too but I've been too lazy. And I actually don't know if they have met. But former rhythmic member Yayoi Daimon are friends with both parties, so they do have a mutual friend. That's a good start right? :P

And yeahh 48girls can't date but I'm looking ahead to the future. LOL I realise how delusional this is making me sound. But random matchmaking can be fun and I do think they make a really really good match. I would maybe come back and edit this post and list out my reasons but for now, I just had to create this post.

Just know that they can be potential soulmates.

And I have no idea what to call this ship, so I shall call them SayaShuu. LOL.

Time to sleep. hehe. Good night.


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