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My Main Bias/Oshi Now - Dedication Post

As many of you know, NMB48 is my main fandom now, and my no. 1 favourite in the group and also the whole 48Family is currently a certain someone named Yamamoto Sayaka.

I recently wrote a really longgg essay on why I love her and why she is awesome on the Ebi48 forums. So I'll just cross post here!!
Here I go!

Why she is awesome:
Yamamoto Sayaka. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is that she inspires me. A great example would be like the lyrics she wrote for the song, Monochrome Map, while she was still in her former band MADCATZ.

Lyrics translation of this song can be found here 8D

Anyway, basically, it is a song of hope, encouraging you to be brave in choosing your own path in life and not being afraid of making mistakes. Listening to the song, I somehow feel optimistic about the future too. Since Sayanee wrote the lyrics herself, you can tell a lot about her own mentality from what she expressed in that song. A trait that I really admire about her is that level of confidence or belief she has in herself. As she said in the song, she could do this because she is certain of her own feelings. She is confident, but not to the point of overconfidence. You can see this confidence when she was dancing back during auditions with NMB with a bright smile on her face. The way she could carry herself so confidently in an audition really drew me to her because I was thinking: "This girl really knows what she is doing!"

Actually, the first thing that drew me to her was how she was pretty darn good at the guitar. It's a personal weakness I have for girls who can play the guitar, especially the electric guitar. I just find it really kakkoi!! But I think a lot of people already know that, so I will move on to other things.

I also love her versatility as a performer. Whether you attribute that to her exposure in performing since she was really young or just merely talent, she was definitely born to entertain. I have seen her successfully pull off different styles of performances from being cute (Oh My God!), fierce (Uso no Tenbin), cool/kakkoi (Bird, Blue Rose), alluring (Dakishimeraretara), sexy (Seifuku ga jama wo suru) and even gentle and sweet (Kesshou, Jungle Gym). Adding to that too, I really love her vocals. It may not necessarily be the best or strongest vocals ever, but she has really good control of it, being able to adapt easily to those different styles of songs. I always find her voice a pleasure to listen to. Not only is it very distinctive, it is also very soothing. Yet, it it does not lack in power. The emotions in her voice are great too; she's a storyteller, she knows how to spin a story from the song she sings.

Oh yeah, despite being able to be cute for example in Oh My God!, what I find really endearing about Sayanee is how she doesn't find herself cute at all. I remember watching that Naniwa Nadeshiko episode where they had to cosplay, using Momoka's choices. Then they were told to be moe, and Sayanee had no idea what being moe was all about. How she is so clueless about all things kawaii and cute things in general is really endearing, and ironically, it makes her cute as well. She actually is really cute without even trying although she herself doesn't believe in that too much. Haha.

Besides, she is also very down-to-earth and humble. Why I say so is because she never takes the limelight for herself. She doesn't push herself at your face and in fact, a lot of times during varieties, she lets the other members take the spotlight. Of course, you may attribute this to her being shy in nature, but she has improved in that aspect, and I do think she is letting the other members shine as well in an area they're better at than her such as in MCs. She does not show off about her achievements and successes for she knows NMB is not only about her, but also all the other girls. And without them, the staff and fans, she would not be where she is today. She always stays grounded to this fact.

A uber awesome thing about her though is how she is just great with fans. She has even said before as much as fans love her, she loves her fans even more. She has referred to fans as her no. 1 motivation and called the fans family too. (This was from her blog and Google Plus respectively.)
To some, this may be just a bold declaration and sweet words, but after having the experience of meeting her once, I do not doubt her at all. When she performs, this sounds corny, but her eyes really shine the brightest, and she maintains eye contact with the audience really well throughout the concert with those beautiful eyes of hers. *shot*
Then, when you meet her, you'll realise how unbelievably attentive she is, listening carefully to every word you say. From her eyes, you can tell she is absolutely genuine and appreciative of you coming to see her. Just knowing how grateful and thankful she is from the way she reacts to you, even just a few seconds with her felt really worth it. It goes on to show how she is someone who does not take things for granted, and that too is an appealing quality of hers.

She makes a fantastic captain as well. With her charisma, she draws respect easily, and if you watched the early Star Hime episodes, the girls often spoke about how Sayanee was always the one who would help them out when they were left out in a dance practice and etc. I also really love how much she cares about NMB as a whole and also for each girl/individual. She is not the sort of person who makes quick judgements, but on her own, she observes people and appreciates their good sides and how they have improved from the beginning. This is evident when you see what she writes of a girl especially on birthdays. Her messages often have a lot of thought and meaning behind it, and I think that's one of her key strengths as captain.
This blog translation here of Sayanee's message to Ainyan on Ainyan's bday would be a good example :3

Even more of this can be seen of this can be seen from an episode of Naniwa Nadeshiko where she said she wants to make an impact wherever she goes but is worried at the cost of being idolised at such a level like Acchan or Yuko, she will lose moments and chances to do fun things like talking to her fellow NMB members. Knowing that she has such a sentiment really reminded me on how much she cares about the girls, and enjoys spending time with them. She even mentioned in that same episode about how she wants to sell NMB wherever she goes. NMB is always on her mind. She has even said as captain, she believes she should be the last to leave NMB. Her commitment to the group is another reason why I love her and think she makes a great captain. This is truly the heart of a captain.

Of course, when you talk about Sayanee, you cannot forget she has her quirks too. So is she a dork? A nerd? A troll? The answer is...ALL OF THE ABOVE! xD
Her dorkiness can be seen from the funny castle impersonations she does, the pictures she posts on Google Plus with odd facial expressions and of course, the crazy, silly things she does with the other NMB girls.

She's a total nerd too, being like the biggest fan ever of History. Also, her catchphrase...I appreciate the creativity cause it is a tongue twister. But the fact it was so well thought out showed off the nerdiness in her XD
Best of all, she spent an all-nighter playing a matome game, trying to complete all possible routes. There's really nothing more nerdy than that.

And she LOT! This link here with the video and translation will do all the talking. An example of classic Sayanee trolling 8D

One last thing about Sayanee, she is really open about her life. Like we know a lot about her from what she revealed herself like from what guitars she owns, what guitar equipments she has to her family composition and even how her own room looks like. That is a good thing cause it shows she has nothing to hide, but it could also of course leave her vulnerable. She is a lot more vulnerable than people think, but that human side of her makes her all the more endearing. This is clearly seen from the nervous wreck she had backstage at last ep of Naniwa Nadeshiko where she was clinging on to Ainyan :P

So yeahh, wow that was long. That's a lot of reasons why Sayanee is currently my no. 1. I could go on and on, but really, my respect and admiration for her knows no bounds. I really hope even more people will learn to see and appreciate all these amazing qualities of Yamamoto Sayaka. ^_^
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