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Introduction Post

I just realised...I don't have an introduction post! haha. What do people write in their intro posts anyway? I'm completely clueless 8D Hello!! xD I am Ven. I am Asian. South East Asian. lol. I'm from Malaysia to be exact XP Let's see...I love God, my family and friends... And fangirling and spazzing is absolutely fun!! I really love music, and I love analysing lyrics haha :)

And well... My fandoms constantly change, so I guess I'll need to update this when they do change. Let's see abit about my fandoms...

(Btw before that...if you interested in being friends, please do leave a comment...if we have any fandoms in common...or if you have any comment! Don't worry I don't bite, I promise :P)Collapse )

NMB48 x AAA Takoyaki Special

Just gonna post these screenshot pictures so I can just sit down, and look at it and KYAAA <3

Nissy, Hidaka, Misako, Sayanee awws
Somehow Sayanee was interested in what Hidaka, Misako and Nissy were doing from the start. hehe <3

AAA x NMB takoyaki 1
SayaMilkyShu watching the takoyaki amateurs AAA. I love NMB's cute smiles <3

AAA x NMB takoyaki 3
Hidaka looking over to the NMB girls and asking for guidance lol.
Shu was getting overexcited and pointing at the overspill haha.
Shu seemed pretty interested in what AAA was doing the whole time too.
During the segment, she kept peeping on them :P

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Lyrics translation to Sayanee by NMB48

Here's the translation to the song, Sayanee by NMB48.
It's a song Akimoto Yasushi wrote to dedicate to NMB48's captain, Sayanee/Yamamoto Sayaka.
It's a song with touching lyrics so please check it out!

I saw a first translation of the song over here!
Since my Japanese isn't great, I decided to use that as a base and tried to make my own translation flow better.
Hope this is okay!


Composer: Sasaki Yutaka
Lyricist: Akimoto Yasushi

After training had ended
As I was wiping my sweat off
In the corner of the locker room
I was trying to hold back my tears

Everyone learned the same dance
But why was I the only one who couldn’t do it?
Unable to remember the dance steps, I became frustrated
I felt like my heart was going to break

At that time
When I felt weak
There was a senpai smiling next to me
She said, “Everyone is like that in the beginning.”
It’s the challenge of the stage

At that time
Pushing me on
And being a kind, encouraging presence
She said, “If you love what you do, don’t give up on it,”
She taught me how to dance

Before the theatre performance started
I received a text of encouragement
It said, “Believe in yourself.”
Just those brief words of love

As expected, I could not do it
I could not see the fruit of my efforts
The path towards my own dreams seemed too hard
I said to myself it’s impossible

At that time too
From a place further away
A senpai gave me advice
 “Even if you got just only a little better today compared to yesterday
As long as there is progress, it’ll be okay.”

At that time too
From the top of the mountain
I wanted to see rays of light
The start of dawn in front of my eyes
She properly showed this to me

Working harder than anyone else
Without uttering a single complaint
By being a solid example
You always had the will to go on
Someday, you’ll get your recognition

At that time
When I felt weak
There was a senpai smiling next to me
She said, “Everyone is like that in the beginning.”
It’s the challenge of the stage

At that time
Pushing me on
And being a kind, encouraging presence
She said, “If you love what you do, don’t give up on it,”
She taught me how to dance

Just as long Sayanee is still standing on stage…

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The top 10 songs at NMB48 Request Hour Top 30!!
Snippets from a news site.

Recently, NMB48 had their Request Hour, and Kesshou ranked no. 1!!!
It was a fan effort where lots of people voted for it for Fukumoto Aina/Ainyan as she had mentioned in the past that it was her favourite NMB song.
And during the song and after, it was just full of the audience yelling out her name.
Man I can't wait to see this in full on DVD.

As some of you may know, Ainyan will be graduating from NMB in June...
She's my 2nd favourite member in NMB48, so I'll be really sad to see her go.
This was like a special gift to her from the fans so that she'll have a great and memorable last few months of NMB.

As both a Sayanee and Ainyan oshi (more for Ainyan in this matter), thank you everyone so much for making this a reality.
This is really the crystal of love <3

Even I, just by reading tweets, was really touched!
Thank you to everyone who contributed. Omg.

All my oshis feeelssss!!! Sayanee hugging Ainyan!!! Uwahh
Maachun consoling her too. Awws.

Then Ainyan's best friend, Rikanyan, patting her on the head.

By the way, Kesshou itself is one of my favourite NMB songs, and I'm really glad it got no. 1 anyway, together with this Ainyan boost!

Sorry, just had so many feels today about this.

Congratulations Ainyan!!
I'm glad all the fans are so supportive, and thoughtful in wanting to make your day.

The moment when it happened was so surreal.

Just thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Here's the original full PV to the song btw.
(The bunny is still creepy, but it's an amazing song! <3)


My Top 30 Favourite Kpop Songs!

Since I did this for 2 groups I love a lot, AAA and NMB48, I decided to do one for Kpop since I do enjoy some songs even if it isn't that many!
And to avoid my huge Block B/INFINITE bias, I've only used songs that have MVs.
(Well apart from one particular INFINITE song I love too has an official concert MV though!)

So anyway, here I go!

30. OK - B1A4

Hmms, I'm a sucker for catchy pop songs, so this was win from the start.
I like the melody too. It's also still the only B1A4 song I dig so lol.

29. Shock - BEAST

Again, I dig songs for melody over everything else (generally).
This song had a good melody line and for Kpop, it's really about the catchiness isn't it? haha.
This is my favourite BEAST song as well.

28. That Man Opposed - Dalmatian

So this song just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. haha.
To me, I think it's main appeal is really how simple and sweet the whole song just is haha.

27. Hello & Goodbye - MYNAME

This song kinda feels more R&B? haha kinda.
Not my no. 1 favourite style of song, but I found this rather catchy and a good listen, so XD

26. Nothing's Over - INFINITE

INFINITE to me has some of the best Kpop songs!
But then again it's cause their style kinda suits my taste the most.
I really like poppy stuff in general.
Hmm Nothing's Over just feels like a really relaxed, carefree song that'll listen to just to chill.
I just like the sort of feel that comes along with the song XD

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My Top 40 NMB48 Songs

Recently, I made a post for my favourite AAA songs.

So to be fair to my current fandom, I suppose I'll have to make a similar one for them too.

As the title suggests, they are none other than NMB48.

NMB48 family whacky

This is probably one of the only photos there are of the whole NMB family up to date. They are an idol group, so up to date until today, they have 4 generation of girls. But yeahh I love them cause they're just so funny and whacky as the picture suggests XD

NMB48 Team N XD
And yeahh that's a group picture of beloved Team N, my favourite team in NMB48 as well. They're just such a great bunch of girls, I love them so much.

Anyway let's get cracking!!

To start thing up, watch this:

It's NMB48's acapella version of their debut single Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo which some of their top girls performed to all their fans' surprise in one of their MCs. What impressed me really was that they had only practised to do this over 2 days. (with their busy schedules and all)
And they did so well!! I'm so proud of them <3
Really really nice blend and harmony :)

Anyway, back to top 40 NMB48 songs!
Top 25 complete with either vids or links to listen to them!

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My Top 50 AAA Songs

I've been getting a little more into AAA again recently...

AAA early yearss
I mean though not my main fandom, I still love so many of their songs up till today!! Lols this is AAA in their early days back when they still had 8 members (before Yukari, the girl in yellow left.)

AAA eating dinner 2012
Here's a more recent photo from 2012, before Uno-chan cut her hair lol.

Anyway, so I thought I'll list out my top 50 AAA songs...Or I'll attempt to...
My top 20 complete with videos for people to check out too! XD
Here goes in descending order...
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Sueyoshi Shuta x Yamamoto Sayaka

Shuta hatSayanee bb short hair

Sueyoshi Shuta x Yamamoto Sayaka

My new favourite pairing. WHYY? Oh goshhh too many reasons *shot*
I know I used to ship Shuta with Takamina(AKB48) but goshh this is even better,
AAA x NMB48 lolol.

I would totally write a fic for this too but I've been too lazy. And I actually don't know if they have met. But former rhythmic member Yayoi Daimon are friends with both parties, so they do have a mutual friend. That's a good start right? :P

And yeahh 48girls can't date but I'm looking ahead to the future. LOL I realise how delusional this is making me sound. But random matchmaking can be fun and I do think they make a really really good match. I would maybe come back and edit this post and list out my reasons but for now, I just had to create this post.

Just know that they can be potential soulmates.

And I have no idea what to call this ship, so I shall call them SayaShuu. LOL.

Time to sleep. hehe. Good night.

My Main Bias/Oshi Now - Dedication Post

As many of you know, NMB48 is my main fandom now, and my no. 1 favourite in the group and also the whole 48Family is currently a certain someone named Yamamoto Sayaka.

I recently wrote a really longgg essay on why I love her and why she is awesome on the Ebi48 forums. So I'll just cross post here!!
Here I go!

Why she is awesome:
Yamamoto Sayaka. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is that she inspires me. A great example would be like the lyrics she wrote for the song, Monochrome Map, while she was still in her former band MADCATZ.

Lyrics translation of this song can be found here 8D

Anyway, basically, it is a song of hope, encouraging you to be brave in choosing your own path in life and not being afraid of making mistakes. Listening to the song, I somehow feel optimistic about the future too. Since Sayanee wrote the lyrics herself, you can tell a lot about her own mentality from what she expressed in that song. A trait that I really admire about her is that level of confidence or belief she has in herself. As she said in the song, she could do this because she is certain of her own feelings. She is confident, but not to the point of overconfidence. You can see this confidence when she was dancing back during auditions with NMB with a bright smile on her face. The way she could carry herself so confidently in an audition really drew me to her because I was thinking: "This girl really knows what she is doing!"

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She's a total nerd too, being like the biggest fan ever of History. Also, her catchphrase...I appreciate the creativity cause it is a tongue twister. But the fact it was so well thought out showed off the nerdiness in her XD
Best of all, she spent an all-nighter playing a matome game, trying to complete all possible routes. There's really nothing more nerdy than that.

And she LOT! This link here with the video and translation will do all the talking. An example of classic Sayanee trolling 8D

One last thing about Sayanee, she is really open about her life. Like we know a lot about her from what she revealed herself like from what guitars she owns, what guitar equipments she has to her family composition and even how her own room looks like. That is a good thing cause it shows she has nothing to hide, but it could also of course leave her vulnerable. She is a lot more vulnerable than people think, but that human side of her makes her all the more endearing. This is clearly seen from the nervous wreck she had backstage at last ep of Naniwa Nadeshiko where she was clinging on to Ainyan :P

So yeahh, wow that was long. That's a lot of reasons why Sayanee is currently my no. 1. I could go on and on, but really, my respect and admiration for her knows no bounds. I really hope even more people will learn to see and appreciate all these amazing qualities of Yamamoto Sayaka. ^_^