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NMB48 x AAA Takoyaki Special
Just gonna post these screenshot pictures so I can just sit down, and look at it and KYAAA <3

Nissy, Hidaka, Misako, Sayanee awws
Somehow Sayanee was interested in what Hidaka, Misako and Nissy were doing from the start. hehe <3

AAA x NMB takoyaki 1
SayaMilkyShu watching the takoyaki amateurs AAA. I love NMB's cute smiles <3

AAA x NMB takoyaki 3
Hidaka looking over to the NMB girls and asking for guidance lol.
Shu was getting overexcited and pointing at the overspill haha.
Shu seemed pretty interested in what AAA was doing the whole time too.
During the segment, she kept peeping on them :P

AAA x NMB takoyaki 2
Uno-chan turned over to Sayanee and asked if what she was doing was okay. Sayanee affirmed her. Teehee.
Besides Sayanee and Shu, I like how Maachun was watching too haha. And her reaction too <3

Sayanee helping AAA
WOAH Nissy looks so out of it. Hidaka at least tried to help here and there. Why so sulky Nissy?
Sayanee being a sweetheart and giving AAA advice on their takoyaki. She should have just honestly joined their team haha.
Since NMB didn't need 16 people to make takoyaki :P

Nissy, Hidaka, Misako, Sayanee!
And when AAA were kinda done with their takoyaki!!
Nissy, Hidaka, Misako and special team member YAMAMOTO SAYAKA!!! Lmao.

And kyaaa that's it of my AAA x NMB48 fandom clash + interaction.
It was so lovely!!! And my bb (Sayanee) was so cute!!

MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Well close to it!!

If that was Shuta, I would have...been not able to breathe at all!!!

Shuta's my top AAA member now that's why ;P

But yeahh seeing Sayanee doing her best to help them out and cheering them on the whole time was such an amazing thing to see.

Ok done lol.

hahahaha i love how clueless nissy looks here~~
i've never seen those outfits before on nmb.....not sure wether i quite like them. but sayanee would look beautiful in anything sobs

Nissy looks bored/grouchy.
He's no fun at all haha. Hidaka was actually having quite a bit of fun from the video.

Well I think it's a lot nicer than making them wear those clean uniforms from the Bokura no Eureka PV. (which they have done in small perf before)

I believe the official outfits to perform their Bokura no Eureka single are these outfits too.

Oh Sayanee, the oh cute one. I've been spazzing about how cute she is recently. As in more than I spazz about other things of her. Especially in this MJ bit, her trying to help out AAA and stuff, too cute!!

But woots, I've totally successfully converted you to Sayaneedom. :P

He looks like he's thinking WHAT AM I DOING HERE WHY AM I DOING THIS haha

tbh i quite liked the simple outfits, i'm still not quite into their all too fancy costumes.
oh well, sayanee really does look good in anything anyway :p

hahahahah well she is awesome, and with all your spazzing, how could I not like her the best? lmao

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