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My Top 50 AAA Songs
I've been getting a little more into AAA again recently...

AAA early yearss
I mean though not my main fandom, I still love so many of their songs up till today!! Lols this is AAA in their early days back when they still had 8 members (before Yukari, the girl in yellow left.)

AAA eating dinner 2012
Here's a more recent photo from 2012, before Uno-chan cut her hair lol.

Anyway, so I thought I'll list out my top 50 AAA songs...Or I'll attempt to...
My top 20 complete with videos for people to check out too! XD
Here goes in descending order...

Good Enough For Me To Be Ranked, Still Would Recommend
50. Break Down
49. Kirei na Sora
48. BET
47. Sunshine
46. Mosaic
45. Hajimari no Kiseki
44. Rising Sun
43. That's Right
42. Jamboree!!
41. She no Jijitsu
40. Lights
39. Birthday Song
38. Akireru Kurai Wagamama na Jiyuu
37. Summer Revolution
36. Thank You
35. Soul Edge Boy
34. Shalala Kibou no Uta
33. A piece of my word
32. Chewing Gum
31. Hohoemi No Saku Basho

Still Really Nice Tunes To Accompany One For The Day
29. Mikansei
28. I4U
27. As I am
26. Kuchibiru Kara Romantica
25. Makenai Kokoro
24. Heart and Soul
23. Day by day
22. Q
21. Still Love You

20. Blood On Fire

19. Hanabi

18. Hurricane Riri Boston Mari

17. Let It Beat


15. Welcome To This World

14. Daiji na Koto

13. Samurai Heart

12. Winter lander!!

11. STEP

Songs That Can Be Relooped Many Times Cause They're Great Songs
10. Wonderful Life

9. Aitai Riyuu

8. Yume no Kakera

7. MUSIC!!!

6. Love Candle

Seems Like These Songs Will Always Be Amazing To Me
5. Deai no Chikara I, II, III

This vid they perform II, III then I

4. Niji

3. Climax Jump

2. Perfect

1. Get Chu


First off, I have to agree with your top 5, but especially #1. I will never not get super happy when I hear Get Chu!!, it's just such a happy song!

I also got really excited to see Yume no Kakera so high up there! I know some people don't really like that song, but it is by far my favorite AAA song ever!

(Also Perfect is definitely my latest favorite, Shuta sounds so goooood!)

Cool list, makes me nostalgic!

Omg howdyyy!!! It's been a long time!!
Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. lol I didn't know if anyone was gonna read it :P

Awwws yeahh I just love Get Chu tonnes. Probably the most consistent AAA song for me. Like somne songs I used to love more but now not so much...and some songs that I didn't like as much but now love.

It's interesting to see how my taste has changed since I started liking AAA. Well not everything changed though :P

Ohh yeahh I always loved Yume no Kakera though. It's a really great song!!

And yeahh lol Shuta is currently my favourite AAA member. And then Misako and Nissy are tied. But I mostly pay attention to Shuta now for AAA. And yesss he sounds amazing in Perfect. KYAAA <3

i'll definitely check some of the songs in this post...

*actually, i'm having an AAA 'relooped' mode recently....discovered them way back in 2010...had some 'down' times but now my ipod is full of their songs again:D

i think what i really like about their group is their interaction which each other :))

Ooooh loook another familiar username!!!

Hello!!!! :D

Awwws I may not follow AAA as avidly anymore but I still listen to a lot of their songs!!!

Even when I was making this list, I was struggling so badly cause they just have so many good songs throughout the years!!!Though not my main fandom anymore, it's still my dream to go to an AAA concert one day :)

They just have so many great hits imo lol

have to agree on you there, they really have a lot of good songs...i've been listening to their songs for weeks now...my other playlists/songs have to take the backseat for now...haha...i'm having AAA fever again XD

i would like to go to one of their concerts, too. i like the whole feel of it (based from the videos), the interactions bet. the members and with their fans, it really does look like you'll have a great time in their concert :D

btw, if you don't mind me asking, what's your current fandom now? :)

Yeahhh AAA are really good live performers, or at least it seems so from concert dvds :P

Oh actually I was just gonna make a post for my current fandom for my favourite songs as well. maybe lol. if I'm hardworking enough.

The clue is in my DP now. lol.
It's NMB48, yeah 8D
I really really love them cause they're very funny and entertaining. They're all Kansai girls as the group itself is based in Namba, Osaka. That's is what NMB is derived from.

Cause they basically come from the city of owarai (japanese comedy), they made their single debut in 2011, and since then, they kinda established themselves as the idols who can be comedians.

The girl in my dp is arguably the most known member of the group, their center, ace and captain, Yamamoto Sayaka, fondly known as Sayanee. She is also currently my main bias now because:

I made a pimp post for her almost a year ago. I might have more to add to that now. Honestly loving her even more than before but those reasons pretty much still stand haha.

Sorry long reply :X

oh btw, it's actually Get Chu! that got me to AAA (i really can't remember how i stumble upon them but i'm really glad i did, haha)

ohhh and btw I made my latest post for my current fandom, something like this one, but that's my top 40 favourite NMB48 songs.

And about Sayanee (Yamamoto Sayaka) that girl I said is my main bias, here's another reason that came up along the way last year :P

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