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Introduction Post
ShuuChia Flowers awws
I just realised...I don't have an introduction post! haha. What do people write in their intro posts anyway? I'm completely clueless 8D Hello!! xD I am Ven. I am Asian. South East Asian. lol. I'm from Malaysia to be exact XP Let's see...I love God, my family and friends... And fangirling and spazzing is absolutely fun!! I really love music, and I love analysing lyrics haha :)

And well... My fandoms constantly change, so I guess I'll need to update this when they do change. Let's see abit about my fandoms...

(Btw before that...if you interested in being friends, please do leave a comment...if we have any fandoms in common...or if you have any questions...do comment! Don't worry I don't bite, I promise :P)

Well the very first music fandom I got into were Johnny's. I still follow some JE on and off today. But you'll see me spazzing mostly over...

Hey!Say!JUMP (Fan since 2007 debut xD)

I love them all, and a main reason why I like my idols/artists are if they can throw amazing concerts as performers and such.
And HSJ definitely can!
I am especially a fan of Yamada and Yuto!

AAA (fan since mid 2009)

I stanned them alot from 2009-2010. I still do now...same as Johnny's...just not as much...
AAA are another bunch of amazing performers on stage.
My no. 1 favourite in AAA is Sueyoshi Shuta, but I also really like Chiaki Ito!

NMB48 (fan since mid 2011)

NMB48...there's just something about them that really stands out... The energy they have as a whole is really infectious. It's the KANSAI SPIRIT I TELL YOU! RAWRRR. lol. They're really fun to watch on their varieties too ^_^

Even until now, I still really love watching their antics and their comedy shows. I have a huge bias especially for their ace/captain, Yamamoto Sayaka. But I also quite like Watanabe Miyuki.

Little Glee Monster (fan since 2015)

These 6 girls are young and talented, and have amazing vocals!
They were formed through a nationwide audition in Japan to find some of the best young female vocalists in Japan. Their songs are all very pleasant, and their performances always a joy to watch. Also the eargasm haha.

My favourite is Serina (the one with the blue headphones) for not only does she have an impressive vocal range, an amazing power of expression, she is also the cute, fun moodmaker of the group. Even just having her on stage always pumps up the general energy level. I also like Maju (the one with red headphones) because she is cool and has a soothing voice haha.

Soo yeahh that's about it from me. That's about all you need to know about me and my fandoms!! hahah. hope you enjoyed this post filled with pic spams! XP

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Hey! I've already added you (^^") would you like to add me back? We have some fandoms in common (AAA, some Johnny's and also AKB48)

Heyyy!! Sorry about the late reply...but sure!!

I added you back ^_^

I want to add you as well. We also have a few in common! :D
(Mainly AAA and 48 right now, but I used to be a huge Johnny's fan a few years ago. I'm still following some of the groups tough. Just, not as much as one, or two years ago. ;D

ohhh hello!! Nice to know you, I'm Ven 8D

And sure!! I added you back. Tbh, I haven't really been following Johnny's much lately. Well not so much of KAT-TUN and Kisumai anymore...perhaps I should update this but I'm lazy...I find myself more into HSJ and V6. lolol I know...the age difference between the 2 groups :P

Ahh tbh I'm more focused on the 48Family right now particularly NMB. not really that active with AAA anymore as I used to be, but I've been getting abit more into them again recently. Kinda. I've been enjoying watching those videos from aaach youtube channel ;)

Sorry for the long comment...lols who is your fav from AAA? or favs? lol.

I haven't been following JE that much either. My favourite group is NEWS, still. And I like KinKi Kids a lot. XD

To me the 48Family (like you put it) is a bit overwhelming. There's too much material to keep up with. I have my favourites I try to follow a little and I'm listening to their music a lot lately (mostly AKB and Accan solo), but I'm just following a little up, that's all I'd say. ^^

In AAA... hm, it used to be Shinjiro. Well, he might even still is my favourite after all. But since I stared actively reading their blogs, Hidaka, as well, really grew on me. And I like Chiaki a lot :D ♥

How about you?

Hello !

I really like your livejournal and all the photos in it !

I'm actually a AAA fan now, before it was Tegomass wich led me to liking News but now i'm stuck on AAA. Anyway, i'm still new to the jpop so i've got a looot to discover.

Hope we can be friends ^^

See ya ! :))

hiiiii um this is maybe a little weird but.. you commented on my HSJ dvd uploads and i thought it would be nice to be friends? >.

Ahh sure no problem! It's just I don't use my own livejournal all that much these days other than lurking and popping in and out of communities ahha. :)

(Deleted comment)
Ohhh okay!
I sent you my FB link via messaging.
Check if you got it! :)

Um.. hi ^^
I tumbled across your account a few days ago, when I was googling about AAA.. Because usually I only found old AAA stuff, and I saw your account, I was like "THERE IS ANOTHER ACTIVE AAA FAN" and I joined live journal and communities and etc.

I just wanna say thanks for introducing me to livejournal XD Well, we don't know each other but we can, can't we? By the way, we live on a same island :v (I'm on Borneo, Indonesia)

Nice to meet you, and it'll be nice to befriend you ^^

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